Direct Response Tracker™ – Features and Benefits

The beauty of Direct Response Tracker is that for the first time you can do so much more than other marketing campaign management tools, all in a single solution that you can use anywhere.

Whether for direct mail, leafleting or one-to-one marketing, it’s a comprehensive solution for tracking, measuring, analysing, responding and reporting.

A Complete Solution That Adds So Much More To Your Marketing

Scalable & Adaptable

DRT’s advanced platform covers any number of campaigns, channels and segments.


You can give access to whoever you want, and control which data each user can access or modify.

Test Anything

Split test any elements you like: Offers, messages, designs, locations, postcodes, branches – anything.


Simple to use and easy to customise.

Always Accessible

It’s cloud-based, so you can use, view and analyse on any browser.

Easy Reporting

You can easily generate, print or forward reports.

More Power To Your Phone Calls

Scalable – instantly generate as many phone numbers as you want and assign them to campaigns/segments/split tests.

Economic – once you no longer need the numbers, you can stop paying for them and release them back to us.

Measurable – all calls are tracked to give you precise response rates.

Quality monitoring – all calls are recorded and clearly archived for you to check and guarantee quality.

International – both Premium and Regular numbers are available across 35 countries.

Flexible answering – calls can be forwarded to a phone or answered via a browser in Call Desk.

Multi-channel retargeting – for non-conversions you can instantly re-target a different message via both SMS and Voice broadcasts.

You’ll have all the control and flexibility of your own personal online call centre via the Call Desk feature.

Total call control – there’s optional sound notification on incoming calls and you can forward all calls from your campaigns to your Call Desk and answer in the browser. You can also make outbound calls direct from the browser. Calls are automatically forwarded to other users or to voice message if no-one is available to answer,

Complete visibility – you can view all details of the campaign (even associated images) on-screen before even answering the call. This allows you to see exactly what the potential customer is responding to and to deliver a better customer experience.

Real time assignation – all calls are logged and automatically assigned to the relevant campaign straightaway.

Instant, accurate profit calculation – you can calculate your ROI on each response in real time without the need for spreadsheets or human input (and potential error). Response rates, conversion rates and call duration are all automatically logged. You can also manually log sales next to relevant calls at any time, or automatically log them in real time as they occur.

Integration with online advertising


PPC visibility – you can track calls that come from Google AdWords and other pay per click channels.

Dynamic number tracking – a simple piece of code on your web page displays a different number depending on the source of the traffic.

Analytics-compatible – customisable web actions are tracked and recorded via integrations with Google Analytics. This allows you to see which keyword terms generated sales and adjust or boost your campaign accordingly.

Better offline marketing

All media – true multi-channel effectiveness across leaflets, fliers, inserts, brochures, direct mail, posters, even radio ads.

Automatic QR code generation – Direct Response Tracker can automatically generate and assign each new segment of a print campaign with QR codes.

Easily trackable – you can see at a glance the number of scans that have been made.