Plans and Pricing

Direct Response Tracker™ isn’t just brilliantly effective, it’s a highly cost-effective marketing tool as well. Our price plans are designed to meet your needs whatever your marketing budget or size and scope of your marketing campaigns.

As it measures returns on investment of each segment of your campaign, it’s easy to see just how valuable a tool it is. And with useful features such as phone number release, you don’t have to keep paying for campaign elements you no longer use.

PAYG Call Tracking

SImple Call Tracking,
  • Generate Numbers
  • Call Recording
  • Call Forwarding
  • Basic Call Tracking Statistics.
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Fully Managed

We Manage All Your Campaigns.
  • We Manage All Your PPC Campaigns
  • All Calls tracked, logged
  • Real Time STats
  • Automatic Daily Optimisations of Keywords, Position and bids, to provide the highest ROI.
  • Dedicated Account managers, for Offline and Online campaigns.
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Phone Number Charges

Phone Numbers are charged on top of the monthly subscription.

As the platform is allows you to generate unlimited numbers, the flexibility is up to you.

Phone number charges will be invoiced on top of you monthly subscription:

Numbers: £3 Per number per month.
Call Time: £0.03 per minute.
SMS (coming soon): £0.05 per sms to send. £0.02 to receive.

For direct response and Multi-channel marketers, there has never been a tool that gives so much visibility to all our marketing activity. It revolutionised how we run our own marketing at JogPost, as well as how we can report on leaflet distribution response for our clients. Truly revolutionary.

JJ Harding

Director, Jogpost Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you bill me?

When you create your account, you will enter your credit card. Your credit card will be used to fund your available balance and to pay the first month of your software fee. The available balance is like a bank and it funds your numbers, minutes, and monthly software fee and any other premium services you choose to turn on. When your balance falls below a specific amount you can have us automatically recharge it to a chosen amount using your credit card. For example you can set your recharge amount to $50, and every time your account falls below $10 it will automatically recharge up to $50.

What if I don't need a specific number anymore?

No problem. With a single mouse click you can delete a number from your database and “release” it back to us. From the next invoice on you will no longer be billed for the number. Just bear in mind that all call tracking will stop, and all calls to that number will be disconnected. You have total control over how many numbers you wish to generate, and how long you want to use them for.

How many tracking numbers should i generate?

This is totally dependent on your outcomes as a marketer and how granular you would like your data to be. In general though, each tracked Ad should have its own tracking number.

However, if you wish to split test your advertising or segment your results, then you can generate a new number for each segment. For example: if you are an estate agent, and you wish to compare performance of advertising by postcode, then you can generate a different tracking number for each postcode – to print on your media or online advertising.

The truth is, there a multitude of different possibilities depending on what you want to achieve. DirectResponseTracker has the flexibility to accommodate any number of ways you wish to set up your marketing campaigns and you have the option to generate as many numbers as you like. We put you in control.



What if I am a high volume user?

High volume users are entitled to bulk discounts on numbers and minutes. Please contact us for more information.

Can I stop your service anytime?

Yes, of course. You can cancel your account at any time and all your numbers will be released back to us.

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